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Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

#NoPayCut #NoJobCut #TogetherWeBargain #UNITE

A section of response to the organizational call for action against job cuts and pay cuts. #NoPayCut #NoJobCut #TogetherWeBargain #UNITE

IT & ITES employees demands for the phase-2 of covid lockdown.

We call upon the IT and ITES employees to show their dissent. On 21st April, between 10:30 am and 10:40 am, demonstrate your dissent against the employers and the government’s inadequacy by taking a photo with a self made placard containing above demands while working from home and share it on social media.

Press Release : demands to the Government during COVID19 lockdown

IT & ITES Employees demands to the Government during COVID19 lockdown==========In the backdrop of the prevailing pandemic, Union of IT and ITES Employees (UNITE) expresses its solidarity to the IT and ITES employees and all workers of the world and our country. UNITE extends its support to the Government in the fight against COVID19. With…
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The International Womens’ Day History: To Remember and Recall

What is Women’s day? “International women’s day” is now celebrated within our workspaces to celebrate womanhood, whereas, it should acknowledge and recognize women’s labour.  It is not what has become of it in contemporary India, a time to conduct cooking competitions for women, or a time for discount sale of jewellery or apparel. Not it…
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Sexual Harassment in The Workplace Legalities – Then and Now

“A single spark can set the prairie alight,” print by Huang Xinbo, People’s Republic of China, 1972. Brief History Rajasthan currently has the highest occurrence of child marriages despite it being illegal and it was no different in the early 1990s. Bhanwari Devi was a Rajasthani government worker who was passionate about women’s rights. While…
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8th January 2020: General Strike

CTU General strike and it’s significance to IT and ITES employees. A statement released on behalf of the central trade unions (CTU) reads thus “None of the issues which have been continuously raised by the Central Trade Unions, including the basic issues of unemployment, minimum wages and social security were addressed by the Minister. Doing…
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Current Trends of Indian IT Industry & Fourth Industrial Revolution

On 29th December 2019 two important meeting happened at Coimbatore. First is the meeting of National Coordination Committee of the IT and ITES Employees Unions from different states, under the guidance of CITU. In this meeting various experiences has been shared among the unions, and collectively decided to strengthen the organisation and to campaign the…
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UNITE organises Human Chain Against Sexual Harassment Of Women

On growing violence against women and for Gender equality, UNITE members forming human chain at Thuraipakkam Junction tomorrow evening 6.30pm onwards. We invite IT employees and general public to join the human chain with placards to show solidarity for the affected and demonstrate your stand against gender violence. Join Us: Human Chain Against Sexual Harassment…
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