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Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

Union of IT & ITES Employees(UNITE) is an organization works for the welfare of IT/ITES employees.

India has 56% of Global shares in IT industry with revenue of $154 Billion and growth rate of 8.6%. IT Industry contributes 9.3% of our Indian GDP. More than 40,00,000 employees has been employed in this industry. The employees in the industry faces issues like job insecurity, unsafe and unfriendliness for women,  stressed work atmosphere, stretched working hours, etc..

UNITE demands below objectives to improve employees working condition in Industry,

  • Shift allowance has to be provided for employees in IT and ITES Industry.
  • Exclude First Schedule Section 2(zk) 11 point and add performance based termination as unfair Labour practice under third schedule of proposed code on industrial relation bill.
  • IT/ITES sector need to have welfare board.
  • Contract employees employed in IT/ITES sector need to made permanent employment.
  • Salary increase need to be given in the ratio with the profit of the company and same job same salary need to implemented.
  • Day care facility need to be provided in every IT/ITES company for Women associates with children below 5 years.
  • Actives like pink slip, hire & fire need to be abolished.Employees employed in ITES Sector need to be provided with minimum salary of  ₹26000.
  • Maternity leave needed to be increased from 6 months to 9 months and Paternity leave of 3 months need to be given for all male employees employed in IT & ITES sector.
  • Performance based assessment for salary hike need to be abolished in IT/ITES sector.
  • Sexual Harassment at workplace,2013(Internal Complaints Committee) need to be strictly implemented in IT/ITES sector to prevent sexual harassment against women employees in the sector.
  • State placement policy of Anna university need to be strictly implemented.
  • Nasscom’s Industry lobby need to be restricted and National Skill Register need to be made open for registered employee access.
  • Indian IT/ITES industry were predominantly oriented towards western market,we want central and state government to improve domestic market for IT/ITES sector.
  • CSR need to monitored and utilized for the weaker section & environment impact created out of rise in IT/ITes sector in that locality.
  • Exemption provided in the SEZ zone and Labour law for IT/ITES companies need to be revoked by state and central government.
  • Weekly 40 hours of working need to be strictly implemented.
  • Overtime compensation above 40 hours/week of work need to be given for all employees.

To win job security, decent working conditions and a democratic work place, UNITE!