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Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

WFH regulation demands submitted to Labour Commissioner

On October 10th 2020, a section of IT & ITES employees protested against the NASSCOM’s policy recommendations for WFH, as it is a path way to Modern Slavery. As a continuation to our struggle to protect employees welfare, on October 12th 2020, a memorandum of demands related to regulating Work From Home to employees welfare…
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IT Employees Protest against NASSCOM

IT Employees Protest against NASSCOM

UNITE thanks and congratulates its members for participating in the protest called on 10th October 2020 against the Union government and Nasscom on the below demands, 1) Reject Nasscom recommendations on Work From Home as they are akin to modern slavery with no respite to employees.2) Enact laws to regulate Work From Home to protect…
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Why we protest against NASSCOM?

UNITE called for a protest on October 10th 2020, to protest against NASSCOM’s policy recommendations related to Work From Home. As part of that an explanatory video in Tamil is created for circulation. Report of protest happened on 10th October 2020


Protest against NASSCOM’s Policy recommendations on WFH

The Indian Union Government has recently passed Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020, the Industrial Relations Code, 2020 and the Code on Social Security, 2020. The three codes were passed when MPs from opposition parties protest against the Farm Bills passed in an undemocratic way. We believe the three Codes passed in Lok…
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IT & ITES Employees stand with protesting Farmers

#BharatBandh #NoToFarmsBill #AntiFarmerBills IT & ITES Employees extend their solidarity to Farmers protest happening across our country today! (25th September 2020). UNITE believes, these legislations will destroy Indian agriculture and our farmers as we know it. This handover of the entire sector to big agribusiness corporates will lead to the abolishing of minimum support price…
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IT & ITES employees dissent on the three labour Codes passed on Lok Sabha

UNITE opposes the Anti-farmer and Anti-Worker legislations passed by the Central Union Government. On behalf of the IT & ITES Employees, we express our solidarity to the National Protest day called by various central unions on 23rd September 2020. We believe the three Codes passed in Lok Sabha are not progressive in the interest of…
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Infosys’s attempt to curtail the voices of its employees!

We condemn the act of Infosys to curtail the voices of its employees! Freedom of speech is a fundamental right granted by the Indian Constitution to its Citizens, Infosys cant curtail it! Confession pages are the popular means of expressing employees dissent in an organization which is undemocratic with an autocratic board. We like to…
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Week 38 – Laws, Rights and Collective Bargain Case Studies

Posters on mandatory aspects that need to be in the joining letter and what law directs a company w.r.t wage, when an employee dies or absconds, were contributed by various Circles for the Week 38 as part of #DidYouKnow series.

Obituary to Kalyan, Wipro

We are deeply saddened to inform the unfortunate demise of Mr. Kalyanaraman R (Kalyan), employed in WIPRO due to Cardiac Arrest on 17th September 2020. Kalyan was an active member with dedication towards helping colleagues in distress and introducing them to the union. He was leading the Circle 3 towards learning Laws and Rights as…
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Week 37 – Laws, Rights and Collective Bargain Case Studies

Posters on how to challenge a dismissal, penalties for offense of employer and what railwaymen union on 1932 did, were contributed by various Circles for the Week 37 as part of #DidYouKnow series.