Statement against the DMK Government’s anti-employees amendments

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

Statement against the DMK Government’s anti-employees amendments

We strongly oppose the DMK government’s decision to extend the daily work hours of employees from 8 to 12 hours, without proper consultation with the employees or trade unions. This move is not only anti-employee but also violates the principles of social justice and democracy. We condemn this decision and demand that the government withdraw the bill.

Studies have shown that long work hours lead to increased stress, fatigue, and mental health issues, which can have a significant impact on the quality of work and productivity. It is essential to consider the negative consequences of long work hours, and the proposed extension of work hours will undoubtedly lead to negative outcomes.

In contrast, we believe that reducing the workday to 6 hours and the workweek to 30 hours is a the way to go. A shorter workday can lead to increased job satisfaction, improved mental health, and better work-life balance. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity and better quality work, benefiting both employees and employers.

Furthermore, the bill is against the interests of employees and promotes a pro-neoliberal agenda that only benefits big corporations. The government should prioritize the well-being of employees, which includes reducing their workload and providing decent working conditions.

We believe that physical campaigning is necessary to bring this issue to the forefront and raise awareness among employees. We call upon all IT and ITES employees to join us in our campaign against this anti-employee policy. We urge all employees to register their strong dissent against this policy and fight for their rights.

We urge the government to withdraw the proposed bill and work with us to create better working conditions and social justice for all employees. We urge all employees to stand united and fight against this anti-employee policy. Let us work together to create a better future for all employees and ensure that their voices are heard.