Event: Releasing White paper on ‘Work from Home’

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

Event: Releasing White paper on ‘Work from Home’

WFH Whitepaper Release

One industry that had performed well during the Covid19 period and the lockdown is the IT industry. Far from being affected, most companies have reported increased productivity and profits.

For us the IT and ITES Employees, it has been a mixed bag. While some of us have come to accept and even relish the ‘work from home’ model of working, for some of us the model is exploitative and exacting.

We at UNITE conducted a survey amongst IT and ITES Employees on ‘Work from Home’ to understand the impact it has had. Further we have studied Employers perspectives from their demands to the sitting goverment and several legal frameworks that exist in other countries. With the data above we have put together a white paper on the ‘Work from Home’ model. This is to understand the concept critically and also place our demands for the present and the future. Because in all probability we will have a considerable amount of work done remotely, for which most significant organisations have already prepared for.

Along the same lines, during this week, members of UNITE will address our social media pages in the evenings everyday from 15th to 18th December 2020, between 9- 10 pm, discussing on the ‘Work from Home’ model in general, and our paper in particular.

After the 3 day campaign, Comrade Dr Hemalatha, President CITU will release and address UNITE on our social media pages on 19 December 2020, between 5-6 pm.More details on social media links, speakers and other details will be shared soon.

Expecting your participation and involvement as always.

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