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Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

IT and ITES Employees May Day Greetings

International Workers Day Greetings

UNITE and it’s members extend our revolutionary greetings to the wage labourers and the people of all countries. Let us remember the sacrifices of workers by which almost 8 hour work day came to reality. Only through continuous fight along with organized employees of various industries we can realize the idea of 6 hours work…
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Demanding Holiday on the Polling Date in Tamil nadu

On Continuous concerns received from employees that companies are forcing them to work on the Polling Date in Tamil Nadu – April 6th. This is being forced since majority of employees are in “Work From Home” Mode. On this backdrop UNITE has written a brief letter to Chief Electoral Officer of Tamilnadu highlighting the issue.…
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Navigating the IT industry as a woman

Navigating the IT industry as a woman

As part of celebrating International Working Women’s Day, Union of IT and ITES Employees (UNITE) presents a panel discussion on “Navigating the IT industry as a woman” chaired by Dr. Kalpana K, Associate Professor, IIT Madras. Women trade unionist of UNITE will be presenting the below topics, Microaggression and Workplace Equity by Harthi, V, Member…
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UNITE members protest against Cognizant’s 10 hour work day

On 12th Feb 2021, a section of UNITE members took part in the protest happened at Sholiganallur Junction (IT Corridor of Chennai). The protest was organized with demands to stop increasing work time to 10 hours and to reduce the work day to 6 hours and work week to 30 hours. Placards on how increase…
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UNITE's Amendments on Draft Model Standing Orders for Service Sector 2020

Amendments and Recommendations to Draft Model Standing Order, 2020 for Service Sector

We form the Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE) a registered trade union (Reg. No. 3621/CNI) of employees working in IT and ITES industry for securing rights and welfare.  We expected the draft to be modern and futuristic to cater the need of democractic and dignified workplace, but on the contrary we find it…
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WFH White Paper

White Paper on Work From Home (WFH)

UNITE has surveyed IT and ITES employees of Tamil nadu and prepared a detailed White paper on the opportunities and problems posed by Work From Home for employees angle. NASSCOM has demanded a regressive law for WFH to Government, if we employees allowed that demand to be fulfilled it will lead to a Modern Slavery.…
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UNITE solidarity to BIEN

Extending solidarity with BPO Industry Employees Network(BIEN)

We strongly condemn the recent spate of red-tagging leaders of BPO Industry Employees Network(BIEN), Philippines, on social media. Red-tagging in the Philippines refers to the malicious blacklisting of individuals or organizations critical or not fully supportive of the actions of a sitting government administration. It is used as a means to silence dissidents by the…
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UNITE supports Bharath Bandh

Extending solidarity with the Bharath Bandh

The Bharat Bandh on 8th December was called collectively by all the farmers organisations protesting in Delhi. They are demanding to revoke the Pro-corporate, and anti-farmers laws enacted by the brute majority of the BJP led NDA government, while the opposition was protesting against it. These new Agri-Laws undemocratically passed in the Parliament, threaten India’s…
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Demands of IT & ITES Employees in General Strike

General Strike and the role of IT & ITES employees

Dear all, Office Bearers of Union of IT and ITES employees salute the IT & ITES employees for taking part in the historical General Strike, by extending solidarity through social media platforms. Reports from Central Trade Unions claim over 25 crore workers, agricultural workers and other sections of toiling people who produce the wealth of…
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General Strike demands of IT and ITES employees

General Strike Demands

Show your solidarity with the General Strike happening Today the 26th of November 2020. Post your picture with the demands of the strike. 1) Withdraw all the anti-labour codes 2) Revoke all anti-farmer legislation 3) Stop privatization 4) Scrap National Pension Scheme 3) Implement welfare measures for the People