IT & ITES Employees stand with protesting Farmers

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

IT & ITES Employees stand with protesting Farmers

#BharatBandh #NoToFarmsBill #AntiFarmerBills

IT & ITES Employees extend their solidarity to Farmers protest happening across our country today! (25th September 2020).

UNITE believes, these legislations will destroy Indian agriculture and our farmers as we know it. This handover of the entire sector to big agribusiness corporates will lead to the abolishing of minimum support price to the farmers, the complete destruction of the public distribution system, promote unscrupulous traders and giant corporations to hoard food, thus artificially creating a food scarcity, sending prices up astronomically. These legislations severely threaten India’s food security.

Therefore we oppose and stand with the protesting farmers to demand these legislations to be revoked!