IT & ITES employees dissent on the three labour Codes passed on Lok Sabha

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

IT & ITES employees dissent on the three labour Codes passed on Lok Sabha

UNITE opposes the Anti-farmer and Anti-Worker legislations passed by the Central Union Government. On behalf of the IT & ITES Employees, we express our solidarity to the National Protest day called by various central unions on 23rd September 2020.

We believe the three Codes passed in Lok Sabha are not progressive in the interest of employees of any industry. The missed opportunity to reform the age old labour laws into Codes, to provide futuristic working conditions, to the betterment of the working condition of employees, is ruinous.

Instead the codes put workers’ rights and livelihoods in the mercy of the Employers.

The increase in the threshold for applicability of Standing orders to 300 Employees, the legalisation of fixed term employment, the increased difficulty in registration of unions are just some of the startling anti-worker regulations that will come in to force.

Failure of the labour law reforms to introduce any kind of reform and the general anti worker tone of the codes, will directly degrade the work life of IT & ITES employees and will push their livelihoods into precarity.

Therefore UNITE in the strongest of words opposes the Anti-farmer, Anti-Worker, Anti-People laws and calls for the revocation of these laws and amendments.

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