Infosys’s attempt to curtail the voices of its employees!

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

Infosys’s attempt to curtail the voices of its employees!

We condemn the act of Infosys to curtail the voices of its employees!

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right granted by the Indian Constitution to its Citizens, Infosys cant curtail it!

Confession pages are the popular means of expressing employees dissent in an organization which is undemocratic with an autocratic board.

We like to remind #Infosys it is not because of existence of a page in social media the employees are confessing about the wrong doings of the company, it is because of the wrong policies, lack of democratic practices, lack of security to employees to speak up of the wrongs!

Listen to the voices of employees than curtailing it! involve employees in the decision making process instead of forcing them!

We the employees are the 99% of the company who generate the revenue and profit, the board and the major share holders it serving for is just the 1% who benefit out of the profit we 99% generate!

UNITE extends its solidarity and commit to stand with the Confession pages like Infosys Confessions – ICCA and others who are threatened by the employers.

We call for other companies confession pages to support each other. CTS ConfessionsInfosys Mcity ConfessionsTCS ConfessionsTCS Chennai Confessions

#UNITE #Unionize #TogetherWeBargain