Adopted Work Report – Feb to June 2021

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

Adopted Work Report – Feb to June 2021

The Executive Committee of Union of IT and ITES Employees (UNITE) has met on 13th June 2021 to review and adopt the below work report.

Planned Activities Subcommittee

Planning Subcommittee was constituted on July 21, 2020 with the following aims

a) Campaign on Need of Union and Collective Bargaining
b) Expand organizational reach

The committee planned to meet once every fortnight to study progress and plan.

Circles were formed with active union members, the role of circles are as below

1. They will be entry level engagement points, currently working together to create social media content.
2. To understand the need for union.
3. To understand organising inside the office
4. To work towards formation of regional circles    

Work done in the period

  • 5 meetings of the sub committee.
  • 11 posters since April
  • 6 from OSHWC, Circle 6.
  • 4 Industrial relations, Circle 3.
  • 1 Social Security , circle 8
  • Circles 2, 3, 6, 8 are active with good participation in protests. Calls are being tried.
  • Circles 7 produced a presentation, not shared to social media yet. Not active but some activity has happened.
  • Circles 4 & 5 are dormant.

Cases updates:

TACTV – Assistant Technical AssistantCollectiveID Act2KConciliation Stalled
TACTV – ESevai DEOsCollectiveID Act2KConciliation Failed
IndiumIndividualID Act2AConciliation Completed
LivspaceIndividualID Act2AConciliation Stalled
WiproCollectiveID Act2KOn going
GSR Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.IndividualID Act2AOn going
Buma 3DIndividualID Act2AConciliation Stalled
LapizIndividualID Act2AConciliation Completed
TACTV – ESevai DEOsCollectiveID Act33 C2Conciliation Initiated
HexawareIndividualID Act2AOn going

Other Activities

January 27, 2021UNITE members took part in bike rally organized at Puducherry in support of farmers.
January 27, 2021Preliminary meeting to start Puducherry based IT/ITES employees union
January 31, 2021Amendments and Recommendations to Draft Model Standing Order, 2020 for Service Sector
February 12, 2021Physical protest against Cognizant’s 10 hour work day
February 15, 2021We are not happy Cognizant! – Social Media Protest
March 8, 2021Navigating the IT industry as a woman – Panel discussion
April 1, 2021Statement Demanding Holiday on the Polling Date in Tamilnadu
April 20, 2021Survey to understand the effectiveness of parental benefits in IT/ITes workspace and the limitations that exist
May 1, 20212021 May Day Webinar
May 4, 2021Social Media Protest Against #TCS
May 15, 2021IT Employees to support COVID affected – People’s Helpline
Jun 6, 2021NCC event on Demystifying COVID and Vaccination
Jun 10, 2021Discussion on vaccination – Government an Employers role – over Twitter Spaces

Alagunambi Welkin
General Secretary