We are not happy Cognizant!

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

We are not happy Cognizant!

Dear friends,

We salute every non-cognizant IT and ITES employees who took part in the today’s solidarity protest, even when you are directly not affected. On 15th Feb 2021 we have announced a call to register dissent against Cognizant’s board of directors decision to increase work day to 10 hours. Many have participated through using frames in Facebook and Shared selfies with protest poster.

The protest poster has single slogan “We are not happy #Cognizant!”. The reason for registering the dissent in social media is two fold, first the Multi National Companies (MNCs) do not have a democratic process of decision making, where employees are heard before any decision affects them. Second, employees are made to feel weaker, helpless and hopeless that nothing can be changed, employer is powerful.

We as a responsible and conscious IT and ITES employees want to over come this problem. We know it can’t be overcome by mere being spectators.

If dialogues does not happen inside the company with directors, it will happen outside in the public with the people. When employees feel helpless and hopeless, we union members stand with them without any expectations. All we ask for is to hear us, give us due respect to be heard.

We find tremendous response from employees belong to various MNCs, we welcome your support. We request you to stop being bystanders, register yourself in uniteit.org, start understanding what is union and labour laws.

We have a plan and consistently working towards bringing change. We aim towards establishing democracy inside work place, along with a secure and dignified job.

#UNITE #Unionize #TogetherWeBaragin

Note: Attached are the pics of a section of employees protested today. We apologize for not including everyone’s pics.