On illegal termination of NDLF IT Wing and AIFITE union leaders.

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

On illegal termination of NDLF IT Wing and AIFITE union leaders.

UNITE condemns the unlawful termination of Mr. Shyam Sundar, ex Office Bearer of NDLF IT Wing and Mr. Vinoth Kaligai, General Secretary of AIFITE by their employers, Wipro and Cognizant respectively. Both the leaders were working to bringing justice to the employees affected by the illegal practices of the MNCs, through legal avenues. The MNCs falsely believe that by silencing the voice of a few employees, they can silence all voices of dissent against their illegalities.

Not only the union leaders, but tens and thousands of hardworking, dedicated employees are illegally and inhumanely thrown out of jobs by the MNCs during this Pandemic period. These illegal retrenchments are publicly announced and executed in a brazen disregard for the laws. The Labour Department or the Ministry of Employment and Labour tasked to enforce and uphold the law of the land are mere bystanders.

Inspite of the Global economic contraction the revenue of the IT & ITES companies continues to grow on par with rates of previous years. The IT & ITES MNCs are using this Pandemic as a facade to throw out employees and ensure maximization of the profit.

To put employees before profit, to put “ease of living” before “ease of doing business”, and to uphold the law of the land, UNITE calls the IT & ITES employees to unionize at their workplace. Unionized employees are the only solution for corporatized greed. Together let us learn laws, rights, corporate governance, trade union history and collectively bargain for Job Security and a democratic workplace, join us!.

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