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Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

Why we protest against NASSCOM?

UNITE called for a protest on October 10th 2020, to protest against NASSCOM’s policy recommendations related to Work From Home. As part of that an explanatory video in Tamil is created for circulation. Report of protest happened on 10th October 2020

The International Womens’ Day History: To Remember and Recall

What is Women’s day? “International women’s day” is now celebrated within our workspaces to celebrate womanhood, whereas, it should acknowledge and recognize women’s labour.  It is not what has become of it in contemporary India, a time to conduct cooking competitions for women, or a time for discount sale of jewellery or apparel. Not it…
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Sexual Harassment in The Workplace Legalities – Then and Now

“A single spark can set the prairie alight,” print by Huang Xinbo, People’s Republic of China, 1972. Brief History Rajasthan currently has the highest occurrence of child marriages despite it being illegal and it was no different in the early 1990s. Bhanwari Devi was a Rajasthani government worker who was passionate about women’s rights. While…
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Its verizon this time

Recently a known multinational IT company verizon technologies fired hundreds of workers who are experienced and mid level employees. UNITE intervened in the issue.