On the suspension of Visas by US Government

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

On the suspension of Visas by US Government

On the backdrop of on going dual-attack, the deepening global economic situation and the catastrophic Pandemic situation prevailing across the globe, the suspension of H-1B, H-4, L-1 and other temporary work permits by the US government till this year end is a shocking news.

With all the industries intertwined with the global finance capital, US government restoring to protectionist reforms would not solve the prevailing economic issue of US or boost the global “synchronized slow down” as termed by IMF.

Without addressing the root cause of the increasing economic inequality, and blaming immigrants as the cause of it is a mere attempt to mislead the people and working class of US away from the actual issue of the 1% appropriating maximum portion of the wealth generated by the people of US. Misleading and protectionist actions will aggravate the issues in the US and affect the Global value chain.

We demand the Indian government and the foreign ministry to immediately intervene and pressurize Trump government to revoke this suspension, as the Indian IT & ITES sector is the major beneficiary of the H-1B visa. Indian IT & ITES sector is a backbone to the global value chain, any protectionist actions would have direct impact on the lives of Indian IT & ITES employees.

We also demand the Ministry of Labour and Employment to intervene and ensure no illegal retrenchments and job loss are triggered by the action of US.

UNITE extends its support to the global IT & ITES employees irrespective of colour, caste, gender, country or ethnicity.

UNITE calls for unionizing of the IT & ITES employees across the world to safeguard from the effects of protectionism and prevailing dual-attack.

Executive Committee,