IT Employees Convergence

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

IT Employees Convergence

Dear fellow IT employees, it is very evident the current situation in our industry is very uncertain. Hire and Fire policies and Forced Resignations are becoming order of the day. Though there are several reasons said like automation, restrictive policies by US and other western countries, and no new businesses and contracts, technology shift etc., truth is different.

If such a dull situation prevailing in our industry how come IT companies are making huge amount of profits? Indian IT companies are among the top profit making corporations so far in this year also. On the other hand we are seeing the illegal retrenchments happening in many IT companies. recently notably Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, etc. Much of these are happenings by firing hundreds and thousands of employee by forcing them to resign.

In many companies these incidents are going unnoticed that is even worst. Firing employees will not affect the employees alone but their entire family and dependent economy also. Fighting against these unethical acts is not possible if we are individuals.

We need to organize ourselves. Knowledge Professionals Forum is conducting a meeting for this purpose, on 9-9-2017 IT employees from several companies are getting together for this purpose. We would want you along with your friends to participate in this meeting.

Let us organize ourselves unitedly for our own benefits and security!