Rules and Regulations of a Member

Union of IT & ITES Employees (UNITE)

  1. A member shall ​​organize ​​and ​​unite​​ all​​ employees​​ of IT & ITES industry
  2. A member should strive towards improving ​the ​​living ​​conditions ​​and ​​the ​​working ​​atmosphere ​​in ​​the ​​industry and inside the company.
  3. A member shall educate one self and fellow colleagues on labour laws, rights, corporate governance and history of trade union movement.
  4. A member shall propagate the demands and calls of organization to fellow employees and general public.
  5. A member can help ​​and ​​try ​​to ​​redress​​ ​​grievances​​ faced by employees arising​​ with ​​the ​​employers​​​ through ​​negotiations, litigations ​​and ​​collective ​​bargaining​ ​or ​​any ​​other ​​constitutional ​​and ​​of ​​legal ​​process, in coordination with the Executive Committee.
  6. A member shall ​endeavor​​ to ​​do ​​any ​​activity ​​which ​​results ​​in ​​the ​​welfare ​​of our fellow members and workers.
  7. A member shall take part in monthly organizational planned activities.
  8. A member shall involve to inculcate​​ and​ ​raise ​​the ​​political​ ​and ​​socio ​​economic ​​consciousness​ ​among​ fellow members and workers.
  9. A member should strive to promote equity and fraternity among fellow members and workers.
  10. A member in coordination with Executive Committee can arrange ​​for ​​lectures ​​and ​​debates ​​in ​​IT/ITES, ​​Economics, ​​Politics, T​echnology ​​and ​​other ​​kindred subjects ​​and​​ also ​​on ​​such ​​other ​​matters ​​in ​​which​​ fellow employees/members ​​are ​​interested.
  11. A member should voice out women​ ​employees ​​issues in workplace like ​gender ​​based​ ​discrimination,​​ sexual​​ harassment,​​ unfair practices ​​and​​ produces ​​a​​ congenial ​​atmosphere​​ to​​ work.
  12. A member shall follow and comment on technology and industry related ​​​policy ​​making of the government, which will ​​​have direct impact on the industry, society, members and the employees.
  13. A member shall ​​guide ​​young​​ aspirants ​​for ​​IT/ITES industry.
  14. A member shall promote ​​co-operative​​ societies ​​for ​​betterment​​ of members/society.
  15. A member shall pay annual subscription fee regularly, as it is the primary source of income of our organization.
  16. A member shall execute the periodical call given by Executive Committee
  17. A member should take part in the Annual General body.
  18. A member is eligible to contest any post and vote to elect Executive Committee.
  19. A member shall send suggestions, raise issues, propose activities, etc. by writing to the General Secretary through email.
  20. A member should never represent union without prior knowledge of the President or General Secretary.
  21. A member should abide by decision of the Executive Committee and strive to implement it.

To win job security, decent working conditions and a democratic work place, UNITE!